ABA Centers Kicks-Off the New Year with Two Leadership Hires and an Executive Promotion

Two Leadership Hires

ABA Centers, an organization designed to disrupt the autism care industry by demolishing traditional wait times, is celebrating the New Year with two additions, as well as an internal promotion, to its leadership team: Joe Belfer enters the company as the Executive Vice President of Product Management, Hector Centeno joins as the Vice President of Information Technology, and Veloune Gelin has been promoted to the role of Vice President of People Experience.

As the Executive Vice President of Product Management, Mr. Belfer will oversee all aspects of product lifecycle management, facilitating the rapid development and implementation of new products and enhancements. He will lead, direct, and oversee operations and activities of the engineering team for all products in development, including revenue cycle management automation, electronic medical records, and data analysis.

A skilled web solutions executive with over 20 years of successful product management, application development, infrastructure, security, and implementation experience, Mr. Belfer has previously held roles with Carbon Health, Integra Connect, and Intermedix.

As the Vice President of Information Technology, Mr. Centeno will oversee ABA Centers’ IT infrastructure, system implementation, maintenance, and security. Collaborating with the Chief Technology Officer, he will execute engineering strategies and visions, managing the IT team across corporate, clinical, and field offices to ensure the reliability and security of computerized, communication, and office systems.

Renowned as a transformative global IT leader, Mr. Centeno has a proven track record of recruiting, nurturing, and retaining top-tier technology talents, including subcontractors. His forte lies in crafting business strategies and mentoring leaders in the realms of digital, social, and emerging technologies. With three cybersecurity patents to his name, his prior experiences encompass roles at Social Security Administration, Knowbe4, MD Now Urgent Care, and Orlando Health.

As Vice President of People Experience, Ms. Gelin will evaluate human resource policies, plans, and procedures; work cross-organizationally with department managers to determine staffing needs; administer the compensation and benefits programs, including claims resolution and change reporting; and direct compliance with federal, state, and local employment benefits laws and regulations. Ms. Gelin served ABA Centers as the Regional Director of Human Resources for four months before being promoted to her current position.

Ms. Gelin is a jack-of-all-trades within the people experience space, with broad experience and leadership in human resource management, human resource information systems, client services, process management, training and development, employee engagement, and client relations in both private and public sectors. With a commitment to superior service and team building, Ms. Gelin has previously worked with the Broward County Clerk of Court and Nova Southeastern University.

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