Free Events and Classes for the Autism Community

Our Wellesley Hills, MA ABA therapy center is offering new opportunities to meet, interact, and learn.

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The Power of Play

(Kindergarten and older)

  • Learn how to engage in play skills with children
  • Foster interactions and play among neurodivergent siblings

Teaching Activities for Daily Living

Learn how to assist your child in daily living activities, such as brushing teeth, brushing hair, getting dressed, etc

Teaching Differential Reinforcement

Learn Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies to address undesirable or challenging behavior.


Social Groups at ABA Centers of America

Many ABA Centers of America locations now offer specialized social groups for kids. From “Tweens” and “Teens” to “Young Adults” (and more), these groups are made up of clients with similar skills and ABA goals. Meetings are typically scheduled for a convenient time on weekends and may be held weekly, biweekly or monthly. Skills targeted can include social skills, group conversation, and more, depending on everyone’s needs. Transportation can be arranged.

Your assigned RBTs will also be there for the group. And occasionally, the groups may go on fun community field trips. Check with your RBT, BCBA, or your clinic’s Executive Director for more details on what groups are available to you!

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