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ABA Parent Training and School Partnerships

Our immersive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy programs feature skilled professionals working one-on-one with your child in your home or our center. We also offer ABA programs for schools and ABA parent training. Research shows expanding the field of learning with ABA programs like these yields greater success in treatment plans for those with developmental disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Parent and Caregiver ABA Training

Family involvement is an important factor in successful ABA Therapy. As parents, entering your child into ABA Therapy can be challenging. You may not know how to duplicate the skills they’re learning in ABA therapy at home. That’s why we offer parent/caregiver ABA training for those with children in ABA Therapy. For one to two hours a week, our ABA professionals focus on critical skill-building and how to respond to instances of challenging behaviors. You’ll absorb the principles of behavior analysis therapy as you work with your ABA specialist and your child. You will learn how to encourage new skills as well as what to do when disruptive behaviors occur.

We emphasize “caregiver” in our parent training sessions because we feel it’s essential to work with anyone and everyone who is a significant presence in the child’s life: grandparents, foster parents, cousins, uncles, and more. Our training and behavior plans are customized to the specific needs, dynamics, and goals of your family.

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ABA School and Student Programs

Our approach to offering evidence-based ABA Therapy and consulting services that fit into school schedules is two-fold: working with schools and hosting after-school programs.

ABA Centers of America is perfectly suited to working with school districts to support Autism treatment programs that may be in place or in developing new programs. Our applied behavior analysts can also design and host training for your staff at convenient locations and times.

We also offer after-school sessions for students to complement in-school learning. And we are happy to collaborate with other ABA service providers and therapy methods to create the best possible overall experience for students.

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