10 Autism Websites You Might Not Know About

Top 10 autism websites

When it comes to autism websites, there’s no shortage of organizations and companies publishing information online. It’s not hard to find the most popular autism websites, but we chose sites that might not have the same visibility as what you’ll find on the first page of a Google search. These sites are composed of a wide variety of resources for a broader learning experience.

When exploring the web, it’s essential to trust reputable sites and evidence-based research. Look out for keywords like Applied Behavior Analysis, board certification, and early intervention. The websites on this list have been reviewed and deemed helpful.

Remember that autism is a complex developmental disorder that expresses itself uniquely in everyone it touches. Try not to get frustrated with the language or disheartened by the possibilities. The fact that you are taking the time to explore these sites is a positive step. Information is powerful, and being informed helps us be better parents.

List of Autism Websites

  1. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides users with resources about autism related to pediatrics and medicine. Here you will find evidence-based guidance for children and youth with autism. It is also a guide to understanding education, policy, and advocacy for pediatricians, teachers, parents, and caregivers.This site is beneficial if your child has an upcoming doctor’s appointment. Reading over the tips may help you develop purposeful questions and responses to your pediatrician. This site offers presentations that help parents with tools to promote early intervention. Community services are also present from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
  1. Autism Now, a cooperative effort of The Arc and the Administration on Disabilities, is a national central point for information about autism. Also included is information about other developmental disabilities, family styles, and critical stakeholders.
  1. Healthy Children provides the user with excellent articles about autism, including how it is screened and diagnosed. It also includes next steps, tips, early warning signs, safety tips, and words of support.
  1. The Organization for Autism Research is devoted to bettering the lives of all touched by autism. They provide supported research that elicits meaningful and practical skill-building. They also keep up on education and advocacy!
  1. On Medline Plus, part of the National Library of Medicine, you will go beyond the basics to learn more about living with autism. Explore related issues like genetics in addition to symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. There are also health-check tools, videos, and tutorials. Medline Plus is also a great place to find statistics and research, clinical trials, and journal articles.
  1. On the autism section of the National Institute for Mental Health, you will find an overview of autism, signs and symptoms, causes and risk factors, the diagnostic process, treatment options, and potential studies. There is also an opportunity to participate in a research study.
  1. Operation Autism is an online resource specially designed and operated to support military families with a child on the spectrum. It is a part of the Organization for Autism Research.
  1. Even though autism is classified as a developmental disorder, not a mental disorder, the American Psychiatric Association explores autism risk factors, treatments, modalities, and tips for parents. The diagnostic process is clearly explained on this site, and it offers guides for parents and caretakers.
  1. The Parent Information Center is the place to locate organizations and agencies within your state to address disability-related issues. The site has resources listed by state. Many of the programs listed focus on children with autism and their families. Look out for disability organizations, parent groups, parent training, and information projects!
  2. Autism Care Today is a site whose mission is to connect families with financial resources to get the help they need for their autistic children. Aside from a grant application page, the organization provides a wealth of other resources, from shopping to facts and news about autism.

Autism on the Internet

You do not have to learn everything overnight, and the future will only bring more support, so take your time! Leave room for some thoughtful information about autism, whether it’s cute clips on TikTok or touching stories from parents.

Stay curious about new treatment methods and statistics as they become available. Remember that early intervention makes all the difference, so being helpful and supportive goes a long way for your child’s goals and development.

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