How Are You “More Than Divergent”?

April 3, 2023

ABA Centers of America Launches Filter on TikTok and Instagram to Faux-agnose Folks with Their Most Neuro-Quirky Characteristic

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, ABA Centers of America is launching a filter on TikTok and Instagram as part of its “More Than Divergent” campaign.

“More Than Divergent” encourages those within the neurodivergent community to champion the qualities that make them extraordinarily them – the qualities that make them more than divergent.

The phrase neurodivergent has become popular in recent years because it can be used as a catchall to describe a vast community of people, but the characteristics and challenges faced by the autism community are incredibly nuanced, and there is really no one-size-fits-all word that accurately describes every individual with autism.

ABA Centers of America is rallying for individuals within the autism community to swap out the “divergent” in the word neurodivergent with an adjective they feel more accurately represents how they define their own developmental or cognitive uniqueness.

The “More Than Divergent” filter takes the user through a random selector of idiosyncratic attributes ranging from the face value to the fantastical, landing on the trait that the filter deems the most fitting for the individual. Results include 26 different characteristics, such as Neuro-Curious, Neuro-Grandiloquent, Neuro-Likes Pineapple on Pizza, Neuro-Wears Pink on Wednesdays, and Neuro-Prefers Dogs Over People. All results were designed to align with traditional autism-related dispositions, with a sprinkle of cheekiness.

“Social media has provided a platform where those with autism can be the star of their own developmental story, giving humanity to autism, and shining a light on what makes them special,” said Christopher Barnett, CEO of Autism Centers of America. “The attention that autism has gotten on such a grand scale through social media has led young adults and parents to wonder if similar characteristics they’re experiencing are also a result of autism. While our filter provides a ‘faux-agnosis,’ ABA Centers of America is also here to provide a genuine autism assessment.”

The “More Than Divergent” filter is available on TikTok and Instagram through the ABA Centers of America profile on each platform, @abacentersofamerica on TikTok and @abacentersofamerica on Instagram, respectively.

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