More Than Divergent

We’re celebrating what makes our kiddos “More Than Divergent” for Autism Acceptance Month this April and encouraging our parents to join in!

In today’s world, the word “neurodivergent” has become a buzzword used to describe people who experience cognitive differences and may have specialized needs. However, parents and practitioners within the community understand that every individual on the autism spectrum is unique! No one size fits all term can describe our incredible, evolving community!

Quite simply, “divergent” does not fully encompass our community’s unique characteristics and adversities overcome! We at ABA Centers of America recognize that our kiddos are so much more impressive than the term “divergent” could ever express!

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, ABA Centers of America would like to encourage our extraordinary parents to commemorate what makes their kiddos More Than Divergent! Swap out the overused adjective “divergent” for something that expresses precisely how terrific your child’s developmental uniqueness truly is!

Here are some of the fun phrases we came up with to describe our kids – your phrases can be as face value or as fantastical as you’d like:

  • Neuro-Brave
  • Neuro-Huggable
  • Neuro-Delightful
  • Neuro-Determined
  • Neuro-Terrific
  • Neuro-Fabulous
  • Neuro- Like Pineapple on Pizza
  • Neuro-Prefers Dogs Over People

Share your new “neuro-creative” phrase on your social media platform of choice! Using your “neuro-fabulous” adjective of choice, caption a photo of your kiddo using the hashtag #morethandivergent.

Feel free to use this hashtag anywhere you share your remarkable life online! Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all great options! Remember to tag us so we can see and share your terrific posts – so you can see who also might share your same neuro-characteristic!

Check back with us throughout April to see how we celebrate this marvelous time of the year! Expect posts where our ABA providers will discuss all their profound experiences serving the incredible “More Than Divergent” population! Our clients’ impact on the world is essential to emphasize, so this month, we proudly focus on the many beautiful things about neurodiversity!

Happy Autism Acceptance Month!

From all of us,

ABA Centers of America

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