My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving: A Film Filled with Laughter and Hope

My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving

In the new film, “My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving,” a zombie-obsessed adult on the spectrum searches for his mother, but his journey involves challenges like a Korean family and a street gang competing to be his family.

Marcus, the lovable main character, teaches the rest of the film’s characters powerful lessons of forgiveness guided by his favorite TV show, “Apocalyptic Zombies.”

“My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving” is a film that will fill you with hope and laughter butterflies, and if you cry toward the end, it’s almost expected. As you follow Marcus on his journey, you can’t help but cheer him (and yourself) on. This is a movie that gives hope to everyone.

The Importance of “My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving”

Besides being a heartwarming, feel-good movie where you will cry and laugh, “My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving” is among the films that showcase how the autism stigma is ending. Using the main character and a plotline based on people on the spectrum gives hope and validation to the audience. Relating to Marcus offers family and friends of people on the spectrum a better understanding of what it might be like to live with autism.

Where to Watch “My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving”

“My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving” can be streamed (rent and buy) on:

Films About Autism

Here are some movies that represent not only the struggles and life challenges but the love and hope of people on the spectrum.

For a family audience:

  • Please Stand By (2018)
  • A Brilliant Young Mind (2015)
  • Little Man Tate (1991)

For young adult and adult audiences:

  • My Name is Khan (2010)
  • I Am Sam (2001)
  • A Boy Called Po (2016)
  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)

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