National Doctors Day: A Perfect Time to Say Thanks

March 29, 2023

On March 30th of each year, National Doctors Day allows the world to honor our healthcare professionals for their dedication and contributions to the community. With the growing complexity of the healthcare industry, there’s no denying that the role of a doctor in our society is challenging and often overwhelming. These professionals are ready to serve patients 365 days a year, so the very least we can do is give a big shout-out and sign of respect.

ABA Centers of America works closely with pediatricians and other healthcare providers, and this partnership is one we cherish daily. We greatly appreciate the efforts we see from doctors in our industry and all others. On National Doctors Day, we want to stress the importance of physicians and medical personnel in our society for a better now and an even better tomorrow.

History of National Doctors Day

National Doctors Day began in Georgia on March 30th, 1933, when Dr. Charles B. Almond wanted a day to honor physicians. Residents of Winder mailed greeting cards and placed flowers on the graves of deceased doctors, which is why red carnations are now the symbolic flower of the holiday. Dr. Almond reportedly chose March 30th because it was the first time anesthesia for surgery was utilized some 100 years before. In 1991, then-President George H.W. Bush turned it into a full-time national holiday.

How Does ABA Centers of America Celebrate National Doctors Day?

ABA Centers of America recognizes every doctor who works tirelessly to provide much-needed support and treatment. Since a well-child visit with a pediatrician is frequently the first step in the autism diagnosis process, their role is paramount in preparing for ABA therapy and all that follows a diagnosis.

We take great pride in our close connection with these pediatricians and healthcare providers since we can’t properly do what we do without their preliminary actions. Assessments and evaluations set the groundwork for our ABA therapy services and pave the way for individuals to receive the help they need to live impactful lives. ABA therapy would still exist without doctors but nowhere near the levels needed to provide meaningful results. So, for National Doctors Day, we take note of this connection and give credit where credit’s due.

ABA Centers of America Can Benefit Medical Professionals

Bettering ourselves and those around us will always be a top priority of ABA Centers of America, so we don’t shy away from open communication with our doctors and physicians. We offer valuable resources for medical professionals and are always willing to network, connect, and discuss with those who share our same passion for helping others.

While we recently sent an email to our network of doctors to say “thank you,” we hope those who didn’t receive the comments will still consider utilizing our resources now and in the future. Contact us at (844) 923-4222 to learn more about our services and beneficial resources or simply to connect!