ABA Centers of America Partners with AMC Theatres to Offer Sensory-Friendly Screenings of the New Super Mario Bros. Movie for Children with Autism and Their Families

Sensory Friendly Screenings of Movie for Children with Autism

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, ABA Centers of America is hosting two free sensory-friendly movie screenings of the new Super Mario Bros. Movie during the month of April. The first showing will take place on Saturday, April 15, at AMC Burlington Cinema 10 and the second showing will take place on Saturday, April 29, at AMC Tyngsboro 12.

Special enhancements will ensure a more enjoyable experience for children on the autism spectrum: the lights will remain on, the volume will be lower, and the “golden rule” of remaining silent during the movie doesn’t apply. Children are encouraged to be themselves and make the most of their movie-going excursion however they’d like.

“Having to navigate the challenges of autism in a noisy, crowded public space means that a traditional morning at the movies just isn’t an option for many children with autism and their families,” said Christopher Barnett, CEO of ABA Centers of America. “At ABA Centers of America, we aim to change the lives of our kiddos and their families by providing the gold standard in autism care, as well as enriching experiences that they might not have access to otherwise. This movie screening gives kiddos the opportunity to watch a movie in a real theater without worry, surrounded and celebrated by other children that offer no judgement.”

This sensory-friendly movie screening is part of ABA Centers of America’s “More Than Divergent” campaign, which celebrates Autism Acceptance Month by encouraging those within the neurodivergent community to champion the qualities that make them extraordinarily them.

The word neurodivergent has become popular in recent years because it can be used as a catchall to describe a vast community of people. But the characteristics and challenges faced by the autism community are incredibly nuanced, and no one-size-fits-all word accurately describes every individual with autism.

ABA Centers of America is rallying for individuals within the autism community to swap out the “divergent” in the word neurodivergent with an adjective they feel more accurately represents how they define their own developmental or cognitive uniqueness.

There will be a “More Than Divergent” t-shirt decoration station at each theater to keep the kiddos entertained before the start of the movie.

Both sensory-friendly screenings of the Super Mario Bros. Movie will begin promptly at 11 am. RSVP is mandatory for each event. Seating is limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration for the April 15 showing at AMC Burlington Cinema 10 can be found at: https://abacentersburlingtonmoviescreening.eventbrite.com.

Registration for the April 29 showing at AMC Tyngsboro 12 can be found at: https://abacenterstyngsboromoviescreening.eventbrite.com.

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