ABA Centers Launches New Podcast for Parents of Children with Autism

Tisha Campbell The Spectrum Podcast

The Spectrum” Kick-Offs with a One-on-One Conversation with Actress Tisha Campbell

ABA Centers, an organization designed to disrupt the autism care industry by demolishing traditional wait times, is kicking-off “The Spectrum,” its new podcast dedicated to parents of children with autism spectrum disorder, with an intimate one-on-on conversation with actress Tisha Campbell, whose son Xen Martin was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old.

The holiday season can be a chaotic time for any parent, but especially for those with children who have sensory sensitives or other environmental aversions, as the bright lights, constant music, and large crowd gatherings associated with this time of year can serve as severe triggers. This podcast was launched with the parenting stressors of this season in mind to provide a space for parents seeking support and some encouraging words from others who have lived similar experiences.

During this inaugural episode, Ms. Campbell opens up to Dr. Ted Bender, host of “The Spectrum,” about having to visit five doctors before receiving her son’s diagnosis and what navigating a life with a child on the spectrum is like.

I had to go back to the basics and mourn the loss of what I thought his life would be,” Ms. Campbell remarked about the early years post-diagnosis.

But with the proper support, therapy, and consistently advocating for her son, Xen has had a fulfilling life it seems like the best may yet still be to come: “His obsession became his vocation. My son is in college studying to be an animal conservationist… and he’s working right now in a zoo, Ms. Campbell beamed over her son’s accomplishments.

Since Xen’s diagnosis, Ms. Campbell has spent decades dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of autism. In 2011, she teamed up with four other mothers of autistic children to produce a short film called Colored My Mind and just a few short years later she released the book My Brother Doesn’t Want to Play: Autism From a Siblings Perspective.And she still stands committed to the cause today.

“I didn’t know what [autism] was until it affected my family… I know how important it is to share and to show and see that there actually is hope, especially for the families and the parents that affected by this diagnosis, Ms. Campbell remarked about why she was passionate to participate to share her story on “The Spectrum.”

Season 1 of “The Spectrum” will be a four part series with episodes featuring former NBA champion and Fox Sports Network host, John Salley, and actor of the long-running Criminal Minds television show, Joe Mantegna, to follow Ms. Campbell’s.

“The Spectrum” podcast can be listened to on all major streaming platforms or can be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@abacentersofamerica.

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