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Tylenol Autism Lawsuit

Tylenol Autism Lawsuit: The Epic Controversy Continues

Several Tylenol autism lawsuits have made headlines as families across the country sue Johnson & Johnson, the company that makes the popular household pain reliever. ...
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Neurodiversity: Why Autism Isn’t a Problem to Be Fixed

Neurodiversity and autism have become popular topics over the years, especially recently, as awareness of neurodivergence has increased. However, it is clear that not everyone ...
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Why Does Your Child with Autism Act Out

Why Does Your Child with Autism Act Out? 10 Critical Reasons

Does your child with autism act out frequently? Or perhaps, problematic behavior does not happen consistently, but when it does occur, it is severely out ...
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Brave and Empowered: What Is It Like Living with Autism?

Brave and Empowered: What Is It Like Living with Autism?

If someone you love has autism, you may have asked yourself, “What is it like living with Autism Spectrum Disorder? People with autism often feel ...
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Father of a Child with Autism: The Captivating Journey

Father of a Child with Autism: The Captivating Journey

Being a father of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be one of a man’s most rewarding and challenging experiences. It takes hard work, ...
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Autism anxiety in parents

Autism Anxiety in Parents: 6 Ways to Cope and Conquer It!

Autism anxiety in parents is common when you have a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It manifests differently in each parent, but some common ...
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characteristics of autism

7 Authentic Characteristics of Autism Displayed by Children

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Visual Support

The Useful Benefits of Visual Supports for Kids with Autism

For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), visual supports like photographs, drawings, objects, written words, etc., are often life-changing tools. Many individuals on the spectrum struggle with communication, ...
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autism stigma

Overcoming the Autism Stigma: 6 Outstanding Keys for Parents

Raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be a demanding experience for any parent, but the autism stigma surrounding the diagnosis can make ...
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overwhelmed autism parent

10 Amazing Tips for Overwhelmed Autism Parents

Finding out your child has autism may take you from being a busy parent to an overwhelmed autism parent! You suddenly must cope with a ...
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autism social skills

Autism Social Skills: 8 Creative Activities for Children

Improving autism social skills is essential to the growth and development of children on the spectrum. Social interaction and communication difficulties are common features of Autism ...
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ABA-at-Home: 11 Steps to Preparing an Effective Program

Preparing for ABA-at-home therapy can benefit children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) programs implemented in a child’s natural environment ...
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aba conference

16 Amazing ABA Conferences in 2022–2023!

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Social Skills for Children with Autism

The Truth about Social Skills for Children with Autism

Developing social skills for children with autism is a widespread consideration for parents, professionals in the field of autism, and educators. ABA therapy focuses on ...
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A therapist with a baby

Early Intervention for Autism: Adaptable and Beneficial

Experts working with individuals on the autism spectrum all agree that early intervention for autism is vital. We now know more about Autism Spectrum Disorder ...
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Autism Boy Playing

5 Simple Keys to Choosing the Right BCBA and RBT for Your Child with Autism

In this article, we will provide some ideas and criteria to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right BCBA and RBT for ...
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autism disability or disorder

Autism: Disability or Disorder? Explore the Controversy

The answer to whether autism is a disability or disorder is complicated. If you’re a parent with a child on the spectrum, you may have ...
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autism creature-tbh

What Is the Autism Creature (aka TBH Creature or Yippee) and Why Is It Controversial?

TBH, TBH creature, the autism creature, the creature, and yippee are all names for a simple, computerized, hand-drawn character who has become the unofficial mascot ...
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autism terms

Autism Glossary: 27 Essential Autism Terms Used in Modern ABA

Learning the appropriate language and autism terms used in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will help you understand your autistic child’s needs and symptoms. Below, ...
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tips for parenting a child with autism

12 Insider Tips for Parenting a Child with Autism

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